Winter & Spring cleanups can be hard work. Sometimes Winter cleaning can get put off because of circumstances or priorities. And doing Winter & Spring cleanup of your grounds doesn’t just help curb appeal. It keeps them healthy – it avoids pests and diseases. Let’s look at the What, Why, & How of Winter & Spring Cleanups, to get your grounds lush & healthy.


What can Winter & Spring Cleanup do for you?
Here are 7 key parts in the order they get done:


  1. Clean up. This can be a huge project itself depending on the condition of the grounds and the temperatures outdoors. It includes clearing animal waste, removing trash that drifted into the grounds, raking out organic debris, and cleaning out planters and beds. Clark’s can do all these, and also remove tree sprouts, transplant perennials, and pull weeds.
  2. Prune shrubs & trees. Winter & Spring are the perfect time to prune trees & shrubs – Clark’s takes care of that for you.
  3. Freshen up planter/bed mulch. There should only be 2 inches of fresh mulch in flowerbeds and under trees & shrubs. Spring is the best time to have Clark’s refresh your mulch, to help prevent weeds from sprouting.
  4. Apply 1st fertilizer treatment to the lawn. After your grounds are cleaned up, Clark’s will apply the 1st fertilizer treatment of the season. We offers great lawn programs. Contact us to subscribe and keep your lawn strong.
  5. Edge lawns & flowerbeds. Create a clear boundary between your flowerbeds, landscapes, sidewalks, and lawns. Edging creates clean lines that distinguish the areas of your grounds. The result is well-kept grounds with clean boundaries.
  6. Apply pre-emergent weed control. After your cleanup, it’ll be time to get Spring pre-emergent weed control for your lawn and landscaping beds. Clark’s does that for you.
  7. Give your lawn its 1st mow of the season. Depending on your situation, Clark’s may also mow your lawn as part of Winter & Spring Cleanup. After it’s all finished, you’ll love the smooth, clean look of your grounds.


From this list, it’s clear Winter & Spring Cleanup is a big, strategic project.
And so the Why is big too: it takes a lot of hard work to get your grounds healthy, thriving, and looking great. At Clark’s, we know life gets busy. And even if you’ve done your own cleanups, sometimes the weather or temperatures just don’t cooperate when you finally do have time. That’s another reason why hiring Clark’s makes things better and easier for you.


That’s the easiest! Contact Clark’s. We will listen to understand your wants & needs, and customize a plan to fit your goals & budget.
Contact Clark’s today to talk about what you want for your grounds.

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