Mulch is an investment that yields results. Spring and Fall are the best seasons to add a fresh mulch layer, and there are 3 main reasons mulch matters:

1. Mulch Lessens Weeds
Proper mulching with herbicide application can eliminate the need for cultivating and weeding. To see the full benefits, both the application and mulch quality count. The mulch must be free of weeds, applied evenly, and to the right depth to prevent weeds from sprouting.

2. Mulch Holds Water
Mulching is great for water conservation – a healthy layer blocks sunlight without blocking irrigation, so the soil stays fresher. Evaporation from mulch-covered soil can be reduced up to 50%. This is good for flower beds, plantings, and trees.

3. Mulch Provides Protection
Its good effect on soil temperatures is one of its most overlooked benefits. Mulch keeps the soil around plant roots fresher on hot days and warmer on cold nights. This is especially important with rapid temperature shifts, because it keeps roots and plants from being pushed up out of the soil.

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