Lawn Applications are key to getting a barefoot-worthy yard. The good news is a lawn maintained well will nearly always return 100% plus of what you invest in it. So it makes sense to have a plan, and our subscriptions include a full 7 treatments to get your lawn looking full and lush.

In the US, the further north you go, Lawn Application programs are started in the Fall, but in our region, Spring is best to get started. As we said in our last blog, trusting it to a professional saves you time and makes it convenient for you to get those great green grounds. A professional takes time and care to select the best ingredients and follow best practices, balancing between soil, roots, and tops to keep them going together strong.

Consider your list: what Lawn Applications will you use? Are there hedges that need pruning? Trees for trimming? Now is the time to decide which tasks to do yourself and which to trust to a professional. But 1 thing’s sure: they need to be done. Let Clark’s help – give us a call today to talk about your needs and what you’d like to do this year. Together, let’s get you that barefoot-worthy yard.

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