Let’s talk about a problem – and how to avoid it. Drainage & grading problems around your grounds can be a serious problem. Not only does poor drainage ruin landscaping, but believe it or not, it can also greatly increase the odds of having damage to your building or residence!

The sad reality is that many of those damaged grounds and buildings would have needed only moderate corrective action to avoid that damage. And it’s the kind of work Clark’s sees all the time.

Let’s look at 5 kinds of damage that can result from drainage & grading design issues.


Five Negative Effects of Drainage & Grading Problems

1. Lawn killer. Ponding water and stagnated soils kill grass. And if you have a dog it can become a muddy mess.

2. Pest motel. Ponding water around your grounds is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

3. Landscape ruination. As a result your landscaping will significantly suffer.

4. Soil expansion. Ponding water around your building’s foundation oversaturates the expansive soils like a sponge, causing them to expand. The outward push of soil expansion can seriously disrupt supporting soils, which often leads to structural damage.

5. House of pain. This domino effect of poor drainage & poor grading around your structures can allow water to damage lower trim boards and siding. Worse yet, rising water can enter the structure or be sucked up into the capillaries of wood framing through wicking.


When you consider the damage risks, you can see why it makes sense to have a professional take a look to ensure excellent drainage & grading design.


Whether it’s re-grading around your building’s foundation, properly running downspouts, or installing French drains, Clark’s has it covered.

So contact Clark’s today to make sure the drainage & grading of your grounds are at their best.




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