When you care about your lawn, timing matters. Take crabgrass. It’s a real pain to deal with when you want to manage your lawn. But it turns out, WHEN you treat your lawn can be as important as HOW. It can even affect whether your lawn ends up with weeds like crabgrass.

Believe it or not, we often get calls from new and existing customers in March or even later, and they want to start getting rid of crabgrass or other weeds well into Spring. We can help them, but the earlier you act, the better the results. Especially since just one crabgrass plant can produce 150,000 seeds per season.

Even as early as February can be the perfect time to contact us and get us out to take a look and make a plan. Early action goes a long way to helping your lawn look its best. Call CLARKS today to get your lawn looking good for the year.

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