Fall is upon us – falling leaves and football, shorter days and cooler air.
And a great season for some important landscaping!
Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Why Aerate Your Lawn in Fall?
Fall is the best time to aerate your lawn. Aeration allows lawns to rapidly recover from summer damage, enhance root development, as well as allow beneficial water, air, and nutrients down into the soil & root zone. Getting aeration once a year also controls thatch & promotes healthy turf.

2. Why Fertilize Your Lawn in Fall?
Now is a great time to start a lawn fertilizer program. We can prescribe the perfect program for your lawn. Promoting deep roots now with the right blend of fertilizer will pay off next year.

3. Why Fall Pruning?
Fall is the time to cut back perennials and other trees and shrubs – consider a few examples. Daylilies respond well to shearing. Fall pruning saves you from a messy cleanup in the Spring. Perennials like Peonies need a period of cold to set buds for the following season. Plus, like many perennials, their foliage is extremely prone to mildew. Both are great reasons to remove the foliage in Fall.

4. Why Fall Planting?
Fall is also the best time to plant and transplant. Cooler temperatures help ease stress & shock on plants. Plants that are planted during Summer must be regularly monitored for heat stress. But trees, shrubs, and perennials planted in Fall may only need a few waterings.

5. Why Fall Projects?
Imagine the possibilities – now is the perfect time to plan your new paver walkway or patio. Thought about installing or replacing a new retaining wall? There is plenty of time in November, and right now at Special Fall Pricing! Contact us to schedule a free consult.

Clark’s Got You Covered
You’re busy enough without having to worry about grounds maintenance. It’s so nice to come home and see your grounds beautifully conditioned, sidewalks edged, no weeds among the flowers, and your lawn trim? Let Clark’s help, so you can better enjoy your time off without worries! From week to week our professional crew will be at your grounds, keeping your lawn trimmed and looking its best all season long.

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